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“George, you are a very good photographer. This is my first time to Prague and thank you – you were very very patient and kind to answer my each question in email. We love all pictures that were shoot by you as those are fully classic and aesthetic. Lastly, we are very happy that you shot our pre-wedding in Prague. Thank you very much.”

 Coco & Sunny Ling ( Hong Kong ), Pre-wedding photo shoot in Prague
Overseas pre-wedding photo - Prague pre-wedding photography

“My wife had always wanted a wedding in a place exquisite and memorable. After researching for months upon months, we decided that Prague would be perfect for us. But a city as beautiful as Prague made it even more important that we find the perfect photographer, one that would perfectly capture how stunning my wife looked on that most special of days. Once we saw examples of George’s photography, we knew we had found the right photographer for us.
George was amazing every step of the way. Even though he had to fight for time with the people who were doing the videotaping, he was able to capture so many wonderful angles and capture so much of the special parts of the city. His professionalism and confidence helped my wife stay relaxed the entire time. As rushed as we were forced into being, I sensed the end result would find us with plenty of magical memories to be cherished and I looked back on fondly for the rest of our lives. I was not disappointed. The photos were incredible. My wife was ecstatic. We are already planning on heading back to Prague for a reunion with George so that he can again capture our images after our happy first year of marriage. You will not regret choosing George to capture these moments. Thanks again George! We both hope to see you soon!”

Mercedes & Matt ( USA ), Wedding in Prague

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“I had the idea of proposing to my girlfriend while on our holiday in Prague, and decided to get George Hlobil Photography to capture the proposal moment, followed by a surprise pre-wedding photo shoot with my girlfriend, all in one trip! They helped me out with the planning of my surprise proposal to the finest details, from suggestions to the proposal site, to wedding gown bridal salon recommendations and booking, make-up artist coordination, car booking and answering all my queries with her utmost dedication to ensure that things turn out well despite our tight schedule. And my, it was a great proposal, with George posing as a “photographic tour guide”, until I popped the question, leaving my girlfriend Ariel 100% surprised.

We subsequently had a full day pre-wedding photo shoot with George and Michaela. They ensured that everything went according to plan and was very smooth. We absolutely love the way George teaches us to pose and his bubbly character made the photoshoot  very relaxed and fun. He worked very hard to capture our best angles, and the photos that we received after were fabulous! A full day photo shoot left everyone very tired but George and Michaela tireless efforts to help us along the way made it a lot easier. It was like a fun day out with no stress. None would have been possible without the help from George and Michaela. Big thank you to Michaela and George that helped me out in planning the perfect surprise proposal!”

Stefan & Ariel ( Singapore ) – Engagement & pre-wedding photo shoot Prague

Prague pre-wedding photography - Surprise marriage proposal photos Prague

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“George and Michaela offer a great one stop shop service for pre wedding and wedding photography that is truly a wonderful combination of artistic talent, great make up and photography. We had our pre wedding photo shoot in March this year. The weather was alright but not the best. However, George was able to take great photos for myself and my fiancée despite the challenges and produced a set of photos which we would have been hard pressed to produce anywhere else in the world. The post production quality was very high also. Credit also goes to Michaela for organising and helping out with the entire experience and also sourcing and locating a talented makeup and hair artist that was really good as well. We would definitely recommend George for any couple thinking of doing a photoshoot in Prague!”

Angie & Euan ( Hong Kong ) – Pre-wedding photo shoot Prague 

Pre wedding photography Prague - Best pre wedding photos Prague - Overseas pre wedding photo shoot Prague

“George was attentive and adaptive to our special day! any requests we had he easily accommodated as well as he had his own ideas on capturing our love. He is unique yet personable and catered to our requests. His photos were the buzz of our town as he managed to capture the fairy tale moment in our lives and express the tenderness and intimacy of the moment for those who were unable to attend. We could not have asked for anything more!!!”

 Carey & Vair ( Canada ) – Wedding in Prague 

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“Taking pictures with George was a great experience. The best investment Rory and I made. Seriously. From our first correspondence (emails between USA and the Czech Republic), George was very friendly, professional and answered all my questions.

During our wedding day, he made everybody feel relaxed and told us to have fun. So we did! The best part was taking pictures between ceremony and reception. We only had an hour and half to take all the shots!!! George’s experience and knowledge of all the places (and shortcuts how to get there ), made it possible to take pictures in front of Prague Castle, Orloj clock, Vltava river, and St. Vitus cathedral. We even made it to the Charles Bridge. It was a rush, but it was fun and George made it happen!!! He stayed with us till the evening, making sure that all the important wedding moments were captured…
Great experience and his photography style and editing is one of a kind!!! The first pictures were ready the next day and I never forget the moment when I saw our first edited picture. It was breathtaking… exactly what I imagined and hoped for. It looked like a painting from a fairy tale. I couldn’t wait to see the rest of the pictures. George also gave us an option to purchase all the unedited pictures from the entire photo shoot. That was very important to me because not too many photographers will do that. I loved that option! Rory and I were extremely happy with George’s work and we would highly recommend him to anybody! If you ever plan a wedding in the Czech Republic, George is your photographer!!!

Katerina + Rory ( USA ), Wedding in Prague 

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“On 14th September 2013 our dream came true. We were longing for a Fairytale Wedding in a lovely city and we got all ingredients in Prague. One of these was George!!  We had him as our wedding photographer in Prague. As soon as we contacted him (we decided in less than one second after having had a look at his amazing photos) he started to work on our wedding. He has been really dedicated and precise. He gave a lot of suggestions and made us so relaxed, we understood we made the right choice even before watching final photos. He is not only talented but also very professional. All the photos are stunning, amazing…as we were dreaming them of. We are so happy that we truly recommend George to anyone who desires to keep all those magic feelings.”

Roldano & Ekaterina ( Italy ), Wedding in Prague 

European wedding photographer - Prague wedding photography by George Hlobil


“In 2007, when Nick and I moved to Prague to teach English, we fell in love with the grandeur of the architecture and the old-world feel that Prague offers all it’s visitors.  Every detail was striking and there was never a dull moment.  That was the spirit we wanted our photographer to capture when we decided to get married in Prague in June 2013.  George did not disappoint.

Despite non-stop rain (the worst since 2002!) and less than ideal weather conditions, George was cheery and helpful.  He didn’t mind laying in the puddles or getting soaked if it meant getting the right picture.  He was friendly to all of our guests and seemed legitimately happy to be a part of our important day.  Though I was in soaking suede shoes and drenched to my knees, I had a lovely time shooting with Nick and George, and he got some fantastic photographs that, I think, accurately capture the magic of our big day.  He did some finishing on our pictures that make them absolutely stunning – something like a sharp vintage that I’ve never really seen.  I love it!  You don’t need sunshine to have a fantastic wedding day, but a great photographer really helps!”

Melissa & Nick ( USA ), Wedding in Prague 

Prague wedding photography - Europe wedding photo shoot by George Hlobil

“George was the consummate professional throughout the entire process (from arranging the photo-shoot in Singapore to meeting us the day before the photo-shoot in Prague to making us feel right at home in our first-ever session).  For two people who had just flown into Prague less than 24 hours beforehand, George took the stress of having to prepare the details (i.e., he handled last-minute flower requests, he organized the makeup artist, etc.) so that we could just focus on having a good time.

During the photo-shoot, George and his team of 3 were very helpful, very friendly, and most important of all, very fun!  He knew where to go to get the good shots and his team were constantly around to help make our lives easier (i.e., putting a jacket on the wife in  between shots during a freezing cold day!).  When we were back in Singapore, George was constantly updating us on the progress of the edits, and when we saw the pictures, they were definitely worth the wait.

For those who want to forever capture the beauty of Prague on their special days (whatever the occasion may be) with a professional who knows what he is doing, I would sincerely recommend George and his team.  End-to-end he has been first class.  Thank you George & team for helping us start off our honeymoon with such a pleasant experience and for helping us capture our moments of joy!”

Colin & Vanessa ( Singapore ), Wedding photo shoot in Prague 

Prague wedding photography - European wedding photographer


“We were really happy to have George as our pre-wedding and wedding photographer in Prague,such a lovely city. It was fairly one of our best choices in our life! George is talented, dedicated and responsible guy. He has made his great effort to fulfill our every request. All of our wedding photos were sent to us ahead of the schedule and ensure us to have enough time to make our wedding photo album in HK. All the photos are stunning and full of fine art feeling! We really love them at all! We were also very impressed with his professionals and good attitude. George is great to deal with and he always gives us the speedy but detailed response.

There are no words that say thank you enough for your superb photography service offered to us. We can say for sure to highly recommend you to anyone in HK who intend to have wedding photos in Prague!”

Stella & Ernest ( Hong Kong ), Wedding in Prague 

Prague wedding photography - Wedding photographer in Prague


“It has always been our dream to have our pre-wedding photos in Prague. Prague is truly a beautiful city and George has done a miracle work on the photos in perfecting our dream. George is not only a talented and professional photographer, he is also a very fun and sincere person to work with. We enjoyed the whole process and thank you so much your great work. We loved all the photos and they came out exceeding our expectations in every way.”

Ryan & Connie ( Hong Kong ), Prague pre-wedding photohraphy 

Prague pre-wedding photography - George Hlobil


 “We always believe good photography does not involve only great technique and art direction, but unique presentation of every moment in life. No doubt Prague is a beautiful city, but George has made our photos so unique and romantic which stand out from many other couples’ pre-wedding pictures taken in Prague. We love all the pics. They are all done beautifully and naturally. George is really talented, flexible and fun to work with.

Thanks George for bringing us such a happy and unforgettable memory in our life. We will recall our happy experience whenever we see the pics.”

 Queenie & Imon ( Hong Kong ), Prague pre-wedding photo shoot

“Lada & I recently got married in the beautiful city of Prague. When we were planning our wedding having the best photographer was a key for us!
Our wedding planner gave us a list of several good photographers, but one stood out! George Hlobil! We loved the way he shot his photos and the moments he captured! We had our engagement photo shoot with him last summer and were amazed with our pictures so we knew our wedding photos would be great too, and they sure are!
Thank you George for capturing the special moments for us! The photos are amazing and the work you do is top notch! You are great to deal with and when you are taking photos you will stand on your head if need be to get the best angle for a photo! Everyone who sees our photos from both engagement photo shoot to the wedding photos says, “What a great photographer you had!” Its the truth, George you were wonderful! Below are my two favorite photos!”
Ashley & Lada ( Canada ), Wedding in Prague
Prague wedding photographer George Hlobil
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Pre-wedding photos at Prague was our dream come true.  George made our photos gorgeous with his professionalism and technique.  We were impressed by the wonderful images captured and the romantic atmosphere created.  George is talented, flexible and dedicated.  It has been our pleasure having him as our photographer at this lovely place!”
Charlotte & Michael ( Hong Kong ), Prague pre-wedding photo shoot 
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“Dear George! Thank you for the best wedding photos ever! We really loved them! You made our wedding unforgettable! But not only was the result, the process itself was great! You made us feel comfortable all the time during the session, it was real fun. You showed to us exactly what to do, so we didn’t have to hesitate how to stand, where to look and where to put our hands. Despite the fact that we didn’t have much time we made photos in all the greatest places of Prague! You are not only great photographer, but a great person as well! We were really happy to work with you!
If one of our friends will decide to make a wedding in Prague, we for sure know which photographer to suggest! Thank you!”
Andrei & Elena ( Israel ), Prague wedding 
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“We feel lucky and happy to have George as our photographer on our wedding day . His professional skill and sincereness made our wedding perfect ! The photos are absolutely fabulous!!  Thanks so much!!!”
Carrie & Alex ( Hong Kong ), Prague wedding 
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“Dear George, we would like to say thank you for the great honeymoon shooting you organized for us. It was really a pleasure to work with you. We very appreciate your prompt replies to our requests and questions, attractive flexibility in prices and support with make-up artist and hairdresser services.
Though we are not experienced in such kind of shooting, George made it very comfortable, our initial fears disappeared in the beginning and we fully enjoyed our celebration. He made us feel the most important
persons in Prague that day. Besides shooting, it was very interesting to watch a real Professional Artist working. George never stopped searching the unique viewpoints, perfect lighting and postures. His talent to build the frame which
is perfectly expressing our feelings, personalities and characters is really bright.
The results are marvelous photos that George prepared for us. Each of the 100+ photos is a complete composition, full of emotions and meaning supported by professional techniques. It was really an important moment in our
lives and George saved it in his artwork perfectly.
If we will have another opportunity – we will definitely trust George to fix the most important moments and recommend his services if you are searching for interesting, meaningful and emotional photographs.”
Irina & Alexander ( Russia ), Prague honeymoon photo session
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“Hi George, we are so happy that you were our photographer and that you did such an outstanding job.  I have shown people the pictures you took and everyone’s reaction was WOW!  And, I even told them that these pictures were not yet edited, and they could not believe it.   You did a fantastic job documenting each moment of our beautiful day and we are more than grateful for it. Thank you again for your beautiful work.  You are a true artist!”
Eda & Yves ( USA ), Prague wedding 
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“Its a marvel what you have done to the edited pictures, George,  its amazing. Good job again George ! I love the pictures !”
Bryan & Sherni ( Malaysia ), Pre-wedding photo shoot Prague 
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“Many thanks to George for our beautiful and artistic wedding pictures! We like them very much and our guests, friends and families are amazed as well!
George is a very kind person and his kindness and personal touch put us at ease on our big day. He made us laugh and feel comfortable which helped a lot to overcome our nervosity. We especially want to point out George’s passion and high level of commitment which really stands out. He was literally running in every corner of the location in order to capture the emotions and to catch the best shot.
It is also notable that George took the time for a pre-wedding on-site visit to plan the shots and not to loose the precious time on the wedding day.In the end all that will stay from your wedding day are the photos – and George’s are absolutely worth it!”
Lenka & Jan ( Switzerland ), Prague wedding
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“We had a very special problem when we searched for a photographer. We wanted to hold a pre-wedding portrait session in addition to regular wedding photography, to have a few photographs ready ahead of the actual wedding. That is the custom in Korea. We were also pressured by time. The pre-wedding session had to happen right after Christmas holidays. All the while, there was uncertainty whether the wedding dress would be finished on time. George worked with us through all of this. He agreed to be there for us on two separate days, to block off another day just in case that dress was not ready, and to develop some pictures quickly so that we could post them on wedding invitations.
George also worked very hard during the photo session, looking out for gaps in crowds of tourists, changing his camera lenses in seconds, adjusting bride’s gown, falling on his back on icy ground just to take a snapshot with a spire of the cathedral. The resulting pictures are excellent. There is rich variety among them: different color tones, backgrounds, facial expressions and ambience. Some are humorous, some pensive; some are bright and colorful, some austere or journalistic. Our families and friends love them.
Overall, we feel very lucky that we got in touch with George, and we recommend his services to all couples who want to have great memories of their wedding day and wedding place. It was difficult to justify to ourselves hiring an exclusive photographer, and then to choose a particular photographer, but we made the right choice.”
Sofia & Vladimir (Korea), Pre-wedding photo session Prague 
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“We are so happy with the photos that George has worked so hard on and we cannot stop looking at them. We are so glad that we chose him to do the most important job of capturing the day. They are absolutely perfect and we can’t believe that it’s us. George is excellent at what he does and is full of personality which makes you feel at ease.
All our guests enjoyed watching him work and could not wait to see the finished work. Everyone that we have shown the pictures to love them.
We wanted something special to remember our day in Prague and George has gone well beyond what we ever expected.
We only wish we could do it all again and hope that George is still doing this work for our silver wedding anniversary.
He is the best investment you could ever make for your wedding, why choose anyone else.”
Jenny & Jamie ( UK ), Prague Wedding 
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“We are from Canada and we searched George`s website by google, as I needed a photographer that is in my style and who can take pictures for our  wedding in Prague in 2010. It was hard to found one and very luckily we finally found George. We mainly communicated by email and he replied our emails really quick and informative. George confirmed all the details a week before our wedding which help us a lot as it was a designation wedding. He was really creative for the photo shoot pose and really friendly. We really did enjoy the portrait photo session as well. If I have friend who will do wedding in Prague or Australia, I will refer George. He is great!!!!”
Abby & Jeffrey ( Canada ), Prague wedding 
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“George Hlobil was recommended to us to be the photographer at our wedding in July 2010. This turned out to be a wonderful piece of advice.  We were looking for someone with a contemporary style and his portfolio met this criteria.
We took the opportunity to meet him before the big day to get to know each other. We instantly liked his relaxed friendly approach.  On the day he was extremely professional and hard working retained the ability to put people at ease, make people laugh and create an enjoyable environment.
As a result we now have a set of stunning photographs that we are extremely proud of.  We would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone with similar requirements.”
Zdenka and Paul ( UK ), Chateau Mcely Wedding 
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“Hello George,
We just saw the photos that you made for us and wanted to thank you for your wonderful work!!  We love the photos so much, we couldn’t expect more!
Thank you for making us so happy in that great day of our life!
Thank you for being so professional and for your wonderful personality that made us smile all the time!”
Olga &Yakov ( Israel ), Prague Wedding 2010
* * * * * * *
“Hello George,
We feel it is important for us to thank you for your professional work.
The first impression for both of us was just “WOW”… we have enjoyed every photo and we have really seen our feelings captured by you in the right moment.
We appreciate your personal style (I define it the “Belle époque”) and the presence of black and white photos really giving another’s time feeling.
Your way to make us comfortable during that special day resulted in real expressions in our faces and in our guests. The locations you have chosen, the light, the way you highlighted special details, the poses, everything was simply perfect.
We like to go thru the pictures often so we can live once more the moments you have portrayed and this is the best gift you could give us. For sure, from our side, we feel you have been losing weight for us during the shooting and we appreciate it as the result is simply splendid !!
THANK YOU for your professional attitude, experience and quality results.”
Karen & Andrea ( Italy ), Wedding in Prague 
* * * * * * *
“We would like to recommend you a Great wedding photographer in Prague !!
Me and my husband looked very carefully for a photographer for our wedding and couldn’t find anybody we really liked for a reasonable price. When we first saw George’s work we knew that’s it, and we are so happy that we did this choice.
It was a big pleasure for us to share this wonderful day with George; he was very funny and made us smile all the time.
George was very active, he never rested, he was running, climbing and jumping all the time just to catch the right position for a perfect frame. Also the artwork that George did was very nice, we needed the photos for our party, so George made an effort to make the retouching for us very fast.
George made our dreams come true!
He is great photographer and very kind person as well. I promise you that your photos will be just perfect, you can just trust him.”
Olga & Yakov ( Israel ), Prague Wedding 
* * * * * * *
“We chose George Hlobil to be our wedding photographer for our special day in Prague. We were somewhat concerned about how well a ‘foreign’ photographer could capture a once in a lifetime event. George put us at ease straight away. George spends half his time in Australia and this showed through in his relaxed approach to life. We met for a coffee a couple of days before our wedding and found George to be thoroughly engaging. He took the time to understand our personalities so that he could tailor the photographs to match. We made a couple of specific requests and George was more than happy to accommodate them. Our initial fears were dispelled quickly and we were able to look forward to our big day.
George arrived exactly when he promised at the Old Town Hall. As we were alone in Prague it was nice to see a friendly face as we exited the doors after our wedding ceremony (we had specifically asked George not to be present for the ceremony itself). For the next three hours George accompanied us on a trip around Prague. He made us feel like movie stars and ensured we felt relaxed and happy at every turn. We even stopped for some mulled wine and some goulash soup as it was a cold day. It felt completely natural to share this special time with George.
George worked incredibly hard and took in excess of 1000 pictures on the day. Within a few days he emailed some photographs through for us to look at. We were amazed. We have never been made to look so good. Our investment in George’s time was a brilliant decision. Within a couple of weeks George forwarded the complete set of photographs along with 140 or so that he had edited. The quality and style of the photographs blew us away. At our wedding party back in the UK we had the most incredible reaction to the photos. George is a very talented photographer and a really nice guy to boot. He helped to make our big day feel extra special and the photographs he took have ensured that we have a permanent record of it. We cannot recommend George’s services highly enough, and his fees are very reasonable.”
David and Janine( UK ), Prague Wedding 
* * * * * * *
“Thanks for George’s wonderful work and great help. We are just so lucky and have made the right choice of having him as our photographer.
We would like to thank George for his professional skills and great effort. George is very considerate that he taught us how to pose well in every picture. We really appreciate this and respect his working attitude. My husband and I really had a great time and it was a pleasure working with him. All of our friends love the wedding portrait session very much and all these are treasure memories for us. Once again, George, we are proud of your excellent work!”
Susan and Pui Chee ( Hong Kong ), Prague Wedding Portrait 2009
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